Demo time

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Gabla: A set of bots for Dabla that expose Google services : weather, map…

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Skerou Dabla bot: ask a Dabla bot about who drank more beers this month 🙂

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

iFridge: Your fridge knows its content from your Skerou account, and every time you take an item, scan it using the Moodstock API. It then tells you on many are left. (winner)

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Am I secure? : Ask a Dabla bot about the level of security of your mobile phone, you will then receive an email that is going to tell you if there are vulnerabilities in your phone line or device. It is based on P1 Security API.

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Augmented reality: Scan an object in a catalog, then display it on a real markers to observe it. (winner)

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Personalized deals: send you personalized deals based on your twitter centers of interest.

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

The beansight box: get personalized predictions from Beansight, read by a speaker, and vote on them using a real button (winner)

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Beansight bot for Dabla and Beansight mini site (two projects): send prediction within Dabla, and a simple and clear mini site for Beansight.

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Beansight plugin for WordPress: This plugin allow more than attachign a prediction to an article: The data of your article are updated live depending on the data from Beansight. The vision was broader than that : imagine a web were article are dynamically updated depending on real time data. (winner)

From 2011-06-24 HackLeCamping

Treasure Hunt: A dabla bot asks participants to find an object, the first you take a picture of it go to the next level. (big winner)

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