API spotlight: Dabla

The last featured API of the startups coming from Le Camping is a shiny new group messaging system:


What: Dabla is a group messaging app to easily get your friends together.
API: Dabla lets you create a non-human participant that users can invite in a conversation (yes, like an IRC-Bot!). The bot can be invoked in any conversation, receive messages and respond with text, pictures, links,… The bot can be any online server so your imagination is the limit to what it can do (games, bridge to other services, …) !

API spotlight: Beansight

Today’s featured startup API really is my favorite, oh wait I’m a founder. Let’s predict the future together!


What: Beansight is a place to read and share predictions.

  • list predictions (with many parameters: “sort by”, “category”, “voted/non-voted”, “language”…)
  • get details about a given prediction
  • agree or disagree on a given prediction
  • create a new prediction


API spotlight: Itipic

And our third featured API is about collecting things online…


What:Itipic allows in one click to collect, share every image/video you see on the web with their textual information and their original url.
API:The Itipic API allows you to perform all actions : select, share, display, send collect.

API spotlight: Skerou

Every day, a new featured API:


What: With Skerou, consumers snap a picture of their grocery receipts, and have access to information about what they’ve bought, their spending, and many more services to save time, money and generally become a better consumer.
API: Skerou API allows developers to retrieve the grocery purchase information of users (products, date, time, picture, identifier) so that services to consumers, based on that information, can be created. An example of what could be done: retrieve the information of everything that was bought by a user of Skerou and use your own (or otherwise available) information to provide a tool to monitor a diet, or to choose recipes based on what has been bought.

API spotlight: Mesagraph

This post is the first of a series of seven. We will featured every day an API of a startup that will be featured during the event.

Discover the power of each API on the API page.


What: Mesagraph allows business to know their prospects and customers interest to serve them better.
API: The Mesagraph platform analyzes social media, understands the meaning of interactions with users and categorizes this information into more than 600 000 categories. Thanks to these data, our ReST API returns a list of topics related to a Twittter account, or a list of Twitter accounts related to a topic. The API reference is available at this URL: http://developers.mesagraph.com