Here is the planning of the event, as you will notice, we will mainly focus on hacking:

Friday 24th:
6pm: doors open
7:30pm: Welcome speech
8pm: talk about APIs by 3Scale and Viadeo (2*8min talks)
8:20pm: Featured APIs presentations (7*3min talks)
9pm: Pizzas & teams gather and brainstorm
(hacking (all night long is possible))

Saturday 25th:
9am: breakfast
1pm: lunch (picnic style)
6pm: hacking stops, everyone gathers, demo time (3min demos, fast pace, teams get ready in line)
7:30pm: jury gives its result.
official end of the event, doors remain open until 10pm

Our sponsors: Viadeo and 3scale

I’m glad to introduce in this post the two sponsors of the event: Viadeo and 3scale.

Of course, you know Viadeo. The professional social network that is known worldwide

Viadeo covered Hack Le Camping twice on their blog. You can read a presentation of the event and an interview of me talking about APIs and hackathons.

They will open their own API on June the 28th. Stay tuned, follow their blog.

3scale is “The Easiest way to Open, Manage & Monetize your API”. In a nutshell, if you have a web service and want to open your API, you have to think about “access control”, “analytics”, “billing”… Well, 3scale provides all these services on top of your existing API.

They will give a talk during the event about the importance of APIs in the web of today.

Guest API spotlight: Moodstocks

And the second guest startup is Moodstocks. They have a kick-ass image recognition technology and they focus on offering the best API ever for you to use it:


What:Moodstocks lets you bridge the physical and digital worlds thanks to smartphone scanning:

  • link any object to related online content (produt page, video, reviews, etc) in a dead easy way,
  • real-time indexing & querying,
  • “on-the-go ready” via client-side scanning SDKs (iPhone/Android),
  • ability to build a social SMS mashup on-top of Twitter or a cool mail bot,
  • simple to use & fully documented, with code snippets and articles.


Guest API spotlight: OhMyDeal

5 APIs of startups from Le Campign will be featured during the event. But we also welcomed other French young startups to the event. Let me introduce you…


What: Ohmydeal is a daily deals agregator for both consumers through its own brand channels (website, customized newsletter, iPhone app, social networks), and publishers through different ad formats (API, widgets, iframes)
API: Ohmydeal’s API provides a way to access its entire group buying offers database. It is possible to filter offers depending on their city, price, rebate, category and even geographic coordinates, allowing developers to refine the results for their users and monetize their apps with deals.

API spotlight: Dabla

The last featured API of the startups coming from Le Camping is a shiny new group messaging system:


What: Dabla is a group messaging app to easily get your friends together.
API: Dabla lets you create a non-human participant that users can invite in a conversation (yes, like an IRC-Bot!). The bot can be invoked in any conversation, receive messages and respond with text, pictures, links,… The bot can be any online server so your imagination is the limit to what it can do (games, bridge to other services, …) !