Our sponsors: Viadeo and 3scale

I’m glad to introduce in this post the two sponsors of the event: Viadeo and 3scale.

Of course, you know Viadeo. The professional social network that is known worldwide

Viadeo covered Hack Le Camping twice on their blog. You can read a presentation of the event and an interview of me talking about APIs and hackathons.

They will open their own API on June the 28th. Stay tuned, follow their blog.

3scale is “The Easiest way to Open, Manage & Monetize your API”. In a nutshell, if you have a web service and want to open your API, you have to think about “access control”, “analytics”, “billing”… Well, 3scale provides all these services on top of your existing API.

They will give a talk during the event about the importance of APIs in the web of today.